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3 Best Vacuum Chambers for Making Sex Toys

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3 Best Vacuum Chambers for Making Sex Toys

If I were getting started and looking to buy a vacuum pump there are a couple things that I would look for.

  • 3 Gallons or larger
  • Tall instead of wide
  • Top vented instead of side vented

The reason I think that 3 Gallons is the minimum size for a vacuum chamber is that you can fit 4-6 cups of silicone in there easily. That should be enough to cover just about any pours you might want to do.

I would also recommend that you don’t get one that is too tall or too wide. If your vent is too close to the silicone you run the risk of pulling silicone splatter up into your vacuum gauge, hose or – even worse – your vacuum pump. So I like to keep the vent as far away as I possibly can without compromising on how many cups of silicone I can get in there. (The BVV chamber listed below is a nice compromise).

And the 3rd recommendation is a corollary to the second – having the vent in the lid or at the top of the chamber makes it harder to draw silicone into your gauge/hose/vacuum pump chain. Which means that you are less likely to damage your gauge, hose or vacuum pump!

So here are some options to consider: (if you can’t see the images, try turning off your ad blocker)

Gear For Makers

Instead of spreading Amazon affiliate links all over my website, I’m going to collect all of them on a few pages. On this page you’ll find some of the various supplies that I think could be useful to some just getting started in making dildos.

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Now if you are more of a visual learner, I have a video about vacuum chambers which you can check out here:


I make sex toys so you can too. I have been making sex toys using platinum cure silicone for 5 years and working with silicone in various forms for 10 years. I have spent the last couple years sharing my knowledge and teaching others how to make silicone dildos whether it is for themselves or as a way to start a business.

Join me for some fun and hijinks!

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