About Us

Imagine this scene, if you will:

You’ve met someone new and the most benign question comes up: “So what do you do for a living?”

I always panic a little because I never know how people are going to react when I say…

“I make sex toys.”

But that’s what I do! And I’ve been doing it for several years so I’ve leaned into it and it’s become part of my identity. Yes, it’s a little… “different” but somebody’s gotta do it, amiright?

This site is intended to be where I share my knowledge about making sex toys, the sex toy industry, and the business of sex toys. I am sharing an immense part of myself so I hope that you are able to come away with a better understanding of the process and the business.

If you want to know about the business check “The Business“.

If you want to learn how sex toys are made, check out “The Knowledge

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Welcome to my little corner of the world – make yourself comfortable and get ready to dive into a world so few know anything about.

It’s not dirty. It’s not lascivious. It’s just clean fun!