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Supplies You Need for Making Sex Toys

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Supplies You Need for Making Sex Toys

Other Recommended Gear

Here are the supplies I think you should look into if you wanted to get into making sex toys.

Instead of spreading Amazon affiliate links all over my website, I’m going to collect all of them on a few pages. On this page you’ll find some of the various supplies that I think could be useful to some just getting started in making dildos.

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Gear For Makers

Popular Requests

People have been asking about these 🙂


Nitrile gloves are my preference, but DO NOT USE latex gloves as they can cause cure inhibition

Mixing Sticks

I prefer the larger wooden mixing stick (aka tongue depressors) over the standard craft sticks but either are viable.

Mixing Cups

I would recommend having at least 2 sizes of cups – a 16oz and a 32oz are good sizes to start with.


Silc Pig pigments from Smooth-on are a great place to start. Keep in mind that these are STRONG and a little goes a long way! (I’ll update this list with some mica pigments that you can use in the future.)

Mold Release

Don’t forget mold release! If you do, your silicone will permanently bond to your mold or your master!

Smooth-on XTC-3D, Thickener, Thinner, Slo-Jo

Other supplies that are worth checking out…


I always recommend measuring by weight instead of volume so a scale is mandatory!

Isopropyl Alcohol

Alcohol does a great job of cleaning up liquid silicone and it can be used to sanitize your cups before using them, etc

Clays for Hand Sculpting Masters

Are you handy with your hands? Here are some options to get you started:


I make sex toys so you can too. I have been making sex toys using platinum cure silicone for 5 years and working with silicone in various forms for 10 years. I have spent the last couple years sharing my knowledge and teaching others how to make silicone dildos whether it is for themselves or as a way to start a business.

Join me for some fun and hijinks!

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