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Platinum “Grade” Silicone Doesn’t Exist

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Platinum “Grade” Silicone Doesn’t Exist

So… Let’s talk about platinum grade silicone…

Just… What is it? 

Well – platinum grade silicone simply doesn’t exist.  Silicone is not graded like that. 

If that’s all you wanted to know… thanks and I’ll see you in the next article!

But if you want to know more, stick around for a moment.

I think that “Platinum grade silicone” comes from a misunderstanding of what the word “platinum” means in “platinum cure silicone.”

Silicone needs a catalyst in order to cure and harden.  In some cases, that is done by a metal – such as platinum or tin – sometimes it’s done with chemicals such as peroxide.

In the case of platinum cure silicone, platinum is used as the catalyst.  

(By the way – platinum cure silicone is the only silicone that can be considered body safe)

In the case of tin-cure silicone – tin is used as the catalyst to make the silicone cure.  The main problem with tin-cure silicone is that the curing process releases alcohols and can’t be considered body safe.

Outside of adult toy making,  tin-cure and peroxide cure silicones have their place.   But platinum cure silicone is the only kind of silicone that can be safely used to make our sex toys.

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