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Why We Don’t Use a Pressure Pot for Casting Silicone Adult Toys

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Why We Don’t Use a Pressure Pot for Casting Silicone Adult Toys

Vacuum chamber or pressure pot?

It’s a question as old as time. But is one better than the other? Is there a difference?

Oh, sweet summer child… yes… yes there is… let’s dive in!

Vacuum vs Pressure

Vacuum ChamberPressure Pot
Removes air bubbles from the silicone mix by subjecting it to a vacuumCrushes air bubbles under pressure during the casting process
Industry standard for indie toy makersOften used for casting resins
Removes the issue of air bubbles by eliminating themHides the issue of air bubbles
Requires a vacuum chamber equipmentRequires a pressure pot for each mold

Now, let’s dive into the reasons why these methods are necessary and the benefits they offer.

Why Do We Need to Use Vacuum or Pressure in Making Silicone Toys?

First things first, let’s address why we need to use either vacuum or pressure when making silicone toys. When we mix silicone, we introduce air into the mixture. Think of it like whipping air into meringue or a fluffy omelet. As a result, the silicone becomes filled with air bubbles, both large and small. If left uncured, these air bubbles become ideal breeding grounds for mold, bacteria, and other wee beasties.

Vacuum versus Pressure: Which One Wins?

To tackle the problem of air bubbles in casting liquids, we have two main methods: pressure and vacuum.

1. Pressure Casting

Pressure casting involves subjecting the silicone mix to intense pressure, which crushes the air bubbles. Although the bubbles are still present, they become too tiny to see. This method is commonly used for casting resins.

2. Vacuum Degassing

On the other hand, vacuum degassing entails removing all the air from the mixed silicone before it is poured into the mold. This is achieved by placing the mixed silicone in a vacuum chamber for several minutes. As the air rises out of the silicone, we know it has been fully degassed and is now ready for molding.

Why Vacuum Chamber is the Industry Standard for Indie Toy Makers

Now you might be wondering, “Do I really need a vacuum chamber for making silicone toys?” The answer is YES! Using a vacuum chamber is the industry standard among indie toy makers for a few reasons.

Apart from the fact that pressure pots are needed for each mold, vacuuming offers a more effective solution. By removing the air entirely, vacuum degassing eliminates the issue of air bubbles at its source. On the other hand, pressure casting merely hides the problem by crushing the bubbles without completely getting rid of them.

So, if you’re serious about making top-quality silicone toys, investing in a vacuum chamber is a must! If you’d like to delve deeper into vacuum chambers and learn more, check out this article for detailed explanations.

That’s it for now, folks! Stay tuned for more interesting facts and tips on creating your own indie adult toys using platinum cure silicone.


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