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What’s Wrong with “Clone a Willy” kits?

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What’s Wrong with “Clone a Willy” kits?

I know that some people disagree with me on this but I think that “Clone a Willy” kits have their place.

Yes, they are fairly expensive and you can really only expect to get 1 toy out of the kit.

But… I don’t think that’s awful when it’s seen in a greater context.

What is a “Clone a Willy” kit?

A “Clone a Willy” kit is designed to let you simply and quickly make a copy of a person’s… er… “willy”. It is completely self contained and the only things you have to add are water and a “model”.

The main parts in each kit are an alginate powder and a platinum cure silicone. The tube can act as a mold shell and some even come with a little vibe. The colors are a little limited, but we’re going for convenience here not art.

And maybe that’s the biggest advantage of a Clone a Willy kit – it’s super convenient and the money invested is relatively low.

Why I think that the “Clone a Willy” kit can be a good investment.

  • Not everyone knows that this is a hobby or business that they want to do for years to come. Some folks are still on the fence.

And that’s where these kits come into play. For less than $50 you can try out silicone casting and see if it is something that you want to explore further. Of course, if you really enjoy it, then you can invest in the equipment needed to go into larger scale production,

  • You aren’t limited to just “willies”.

There’s nothing that says you have to use the “Clone a Willy” kit on a willy!

Do you have an idea for a toy that you just want to see in silicone and be able to play with it safely? You could sculpt something original out of clay or Sculpey and use that as your model.

What is great about the “Clone a Willy” kit?

  • Affordable
    • Compared to the cost of a complete set up which is going to cost you a minimum of $400-500 to get started, these kits are super inexpensive.
  • Convenience
    • Everything you need is in one package.
    • You know that everything in the package is body safe.
    • You know that nothing in the kit is going to cause cure inhibition.
  • Availability
    • Whether it is at your local toy shop or Amazon, you can get a kit quickly and easily.

What is not so great about the “Clone a Willy” kit?

  • It’s not free.
    • At less than $50 it’s within reach of most folks, but not everyone.
  • It doesn’t teach you all of the best practices of making body safe silicone toys.
    • The silicone included is platinum cure and safe enough for personal use. But, it’s designed to be poured without a vacuum so bubbles are a risk.
  • Limited options
    • The silicone comes in whatever firmness is in the package so hopefully it matches your needs.
    • The silicone included is already pigmented so you really can’t change it very much. And if your desired skin tone doesn’t match the ones that are offered, you can’t do much about it.
  • It’s a one-shot deal
    • Alginate molds are not intended to be used more than once so you shouldn’t expect to get more than one casting from the mold.


Personally, I think that “Clone a Willy” kits have their place for folks who are still trying to decide whether making sex toys is something that they want to invest in. The costs of a full production set up rack up fast and will be near $500 by the time you are finished.

So, for less than $50, this is a great option for testing out the waters.

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