making sex toys with glove molds

Making Sex Toys Using Glove Molds

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Making Sex Toys Using Glove Molds

Ever wonder how we make the molds for pouring sex toys using silicone? In this video we show you how we make the molds and then do a test pour and show you the results!

You can check out this video as well as all of our other videos on YouTube. Or you can check out our other videos: here

We love sharing our experience and knowledge so we thought we’d show how we make silicone toys. There are a lot of videos out there that don’t show the best practices or don’t make safety a priority.

We make silicone sculptures (aka “adult toys”) for guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

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Smooth-on – EcoFlex 00-30 (Extra Soft) –
Smooth-on – EcoFlex 00-50 (Soft) –
Smooth-on – DragonSkin 10 (Medium) –
Smooth-on – DragonSkin 20 (Firm) –
Smooth-on – DragonSkin 30 (Extra Firm)-

Smooth-on – Silc-Pig pigments –

Mold Release – Mann 200 –

Vacuum Pump – Robinair 15310 –
Vacuum Chamber – 3 Gallon –

Pint Mixing cups –
Quart Mixing cups –

Mixing Sticks (large) –
Mixing Sticks (small) –

Smooth-on XTC-3D –



I make sex toys so you can too. I have been making sex toys using platinum cure silicone for 5 years and working with silicone in various forms for 10 years. I have spent the last couple years sharing my knowledge and teaching others how to make silicone dildos whether it is for themselves or as a way to start a business.

Join me for some fun and hijinks!

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