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“A Collector Has Entered the Chat!” – Dong Somellier

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“A Collector Has Entered the Chat!” – Dong Somellier

Dildo Talk
Dildo Talk
"A Collector Has Entered the Chat!" - Dong Somellier

He is best known for a mostly blue collection, totaling over 200 pieces. They have created multiple sculptures from toys that are called dongscapes. They are a certified Sake Sommelier and have tried well over 100 different types of Sake to date. They are a geek at heart, with well over 800 board games and a self proclaimed Renaissance Man. He loves to read, engage in Philosophical discussions, and welcoming in new people into the community.

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We love sharing our experience and knowledge so we thought we’d show how we make silicone toys. There are a lot of videos out there that don’t show the best practices or don’t make safety a priority.

We make silicone sculptures (aka “adult toys”) for guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

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Smooth-on – EcoFlex 00-30 (Extra Soft) –
Smooth-on – EcoFlex 00-50 (Soft) –
Smooth-on – DragonSkin 10 (Medium) –
Smooth-on – DragonSkin 20 (Firm) –
Smooth-on – DragonSkin 30 (Extra Firm)-

Smooth-on – Silc-Pig pigments –

Mold Release – Mann 200 –

Vacuum Pump – Robinair 15310 –
Vacuum Chamber – 3 Gallon –

Pint Mixing cups –
Quart Mixing cups –

Mixing Sticks (large) –
Mixing Sticks (small) –

Smooth-on XTC-3D –



I make sex toys so you can too. I have been making sex toys using platinum cure silicone for 5 years and working with silicone in various forms for 10 years. I have spent the last couple years sharing my knowledge and teaching others how to make silicone dildos whether it is for themselves or as a way to start a business.

Join me for some fun and hijinks!

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